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Felix Ferdinand, the clumsy private detective solves mysterious cases with good help from his friends, Angelina and the superhamster Pedo Almarillo.



The Shadow Watch: Felix Ferdinand just graduated from Sebastian’s Detective School and immediately his first case lands on his desk. Like any brilliant detective he’s ready to solve the mystery along with his eager helpers.

This is the first book about the private detective Felix Ferdinand. The task is to find the deadly golden watch that vanished in mysteriously and of course also to become a world-known detective.
Felix Ferdinand and The Shadow Watch is an exciting and hilarious book for kids from the age of 8 to 13.

“The book starts off with a bang … and continues on that path. Fun and buzz in every sentence which I loved. And readers at the age of 8-11 years old will definitely feel the same.”
Hildur Loftsdóttir at Morgunblaðið about Felix Ferdinand and the Shadow Watch.



OMG please place both hands on the stick” screamed Felix when the plane started spinning in the air.
It felt like years though it were only seconds and the plane started plunging toward the earth at a rapid speed. Felix’s face turned green from plane sickness and Angelina kept her face in her palms and shook back and forth. Pedro, who was still half asleep and crumbled beside Martin came around in all the commotion and started chanting confusingly “O sole mio – there is no trio .. without miss gio …” before he passed out again.
“I see a land ahead my friends” said Martin totally relaxed.


The Ransom: The clever detective Felix Ferdinand is ready for a new case. This time he’ll need to save the one and only principal of the detective school, Sebastian Smith, as he is been taken hostage. Thankfully Felix has a degree in footprints, is a specialist in fingerprints and isn’t afraid of anything. The super hamster Pedro, his good friend Angelina and her French trainy Grimm Diablea are eager to assist. The ransom the kidnappers are requested is no less than the necklace of the Goddess Freyja that Sebastian has been keeping safe but doesn’t remember where.

The Ransom is the second book about the private detective Felix Ferdinand – a book that children at the age of 8-13 love to read and laugh their face off.

“A rapid and fun thriller where the cartoon world meets the novel world.”

Hildur Heimisdóttir critic at the Newspaper Fréttablaðið about Felix Ferdinand and the Ransom.



"Stop!!! Nooooooooooooo!“ Pedro Almarillo ran like a maniac down Felix’s arm and threw himself at the paralysing pen. Felix was stunned and drew his hand back but the pen got stuck in Pedro’s site.
Felix gasped and screamed and took the pen out. But it was too late. Pedro, who’s face had turned red with anger, hung on the driver’s seat and gave Felix his earful.
„You, you, …ignorante … fool!!! Are you going to kill the alien when he’s our only hope on surviving the end of the world. Have you gone completely loco!!! Estúpido! And then you are goin to … ooo …“ All of a sudden Pedro looked really strange and lost his grip of the seat. Felix just caught him. He was totally paralysed, well except for his angry eyes that said more than thousand words.



Napoleon's Sword:Felix Ferdinand deserves a break after all he has been solving very difficult cases. But he hasn’t been in Paris for long when a new case drops into his lap. A bold thief has raided the city’s army museum in broad daylight and stolen emperor Napoleon Bonaparte’ s sword. The police immediately start investigating but the museum’s director trusts Felix and his associates better to get the job done. But is Felix ready to sacrifice his vacation?

Napoleon’s Sword is a funny book by the author Kristjana Friðbjörnsdóttir about the detective Felix Ferdinand, suitable for readers from the age of 7 to 12.



"Felix waved his hands like a mad man. But the speed boat kept heading towards them. Felix came really suspicious. Maybe this wasn’t just an innocent tourist. Maybe this was the person who had been sending him the threatening letters. Maybe he or she had now shown up to go through with the threat. How else could he explain that the person behind the wheel didn’t seem to want to see him and the boat was heading towards them at a rapid speed? Felix reacted just like a true detective does. Their only hope was that their seiner could get away from the speed boat. Felix grabbed the throttle control. Now the Leaking Lady would need to show her powers. Felix used all his powers to force the throttle control. At the exact same moment the engine died and the Leaky Lady stopped. Felix’s head banged on the steering wheel and Angelina and Pedro were thrown around in the boat. Angelina screamed …"

Felix Ferdinand

An expert in fingerprints
a master of footprintology

Mortal danger - travelling all around the world -  criminal masterminds
betrayal and deseit - dangerous animals -  dramatic showdown

IIllustrations: Ingi Jensson

IIllustrations: Eva Kristjánsdóttir

IIllustrations: Eva Kristjánsdóttir

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