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Olivia Alice is an Icelandic girl that explores Iceland with her family and friends. She is a young, brilliant and fun character that gives readers taste of Iceland and its culture. A colorful character who brings joy and liveliness.

The books about Olivia Alice are perfect for children at the age of 7 to 14 who want to laugh their head off while reading. In addition they get to know a little bit about Iceland and its surroundings.


Letters from Flatey Island:  The school year is over and everyone are pleased that they finally get a break. That is everyone except Olivia Alice. What if she needs to repeat the fifth year just like Agnes teacher said? Yet Olivia Alice doesn’t give up. Even though the family has decided to spend the summer on an island in middle of the Atlantic she decides to write letters to her teacher. The letters were supposed to be about her studies yet the turn into stories about how Olivia Alice has been fighting terns and ghosts and her new friends. The island has turned into a treasure island.


Illustrations: Margrét Laxness



Terns are absolutely crazy birds. Not only do they scream at us but they took turns on plunge diving down and trying to pick our heads with their enormously sharp beaks. I took Christian and shielded him but at the same time a tern managed to peck my head. OMG it hurt so much. And suddenly something else happened. Through the tern screaming I suddenly heard screaming and all of a sudden a boy (more like a teenager) came running towards us with a piece of a driftwood in his hand and he waved it above his head like a maniac. He picked up Christian and ordered me to follow him, which I did with Robert under my arm."



The Diary of Olivia Alice: Olivia Alice is without a doubt the most unluckiest girl. Her parents are so mean! After they pressed her to spend a whole summer at an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean they have now decided to move to the other end of Iceland, to a small village called Dalvík. Thankfully Olivia Alice just started keeping a diary where she can write her thoughts down and plan how she is going to escape.

Illustrations: Margrét Laxness


Matthildur is perfect. She’s the same age as Anton Isaac. I was a little bit startled when I first met her. Because she’s in a wheelchair. She didn’t have an accident or anything like that. She was just born paralyzed. I’ve never ever met anyone in a wheelchair before. I asked her how she goes to the loo. Anton Isaac told me that I am rude but Matthildur just laughed and explained to me that she requires help with that along with many other things. She for examples needs help in getting dressed, bathing, going to bed etc. OMG she must be so patient!"


Olivia Alice's Travel Log: Two days after the school years has ended Oliva Anna’s grandma has invited her on a trip. She’s going to drive across Iceland in an ancient van and visit old friends. Olivia Alice isn’t sure about this trip but as she has her new tablet where she can hold a travel log she decides to join her. And here you have the travel log although it isn’t exactly like grandma pictured it.

Illustrations: Margrét Laxness


„Grandma turned the engine on and hooted the horn while I climbed into the car she yelled out of the window: See you at the end of August, honeys!!! At the end of August!!! Do you understand this Anton Isaac? What have I done. I am trapped her for the next weeks in the ancient and ugly trailer which only gets up to 40 km per hour. Trapped with Hanna Gwendoline who acts like a governor. I don’t even know where we are going! " 



The Principals of Olivia Alice: Olivia Alice just started blogging. There she tells everybody about her adventures, the strange people she meets (even though she might offend someone) and last but not least about all the bizarre principals which can be hard to follow.

The Principals of Olivia Alice is a hilarious story about the brat Olivia Alice. Olivia Alice has become a household name as her stories have already been published in Letters from Flatey Island, Olivia Alice’s Diary and Olivia Alice’s Travel Log.

For the first book the author, Kristjana Friðbjörnsdóttir, received The Children’s Book Awards from Reykjavik’s Educational Council in 2011.

Illustrations: Margrét Laxness


When the group was ready outside of Earth Albina showed up packed with yellow ribbons. I immediately realized that now we where supposed to take part in some sort of game, which would have been boring enough, but no. Albina managed to top that. We were supposed to tie ourselves to a family member with them. Right on … tie together arm to arm and leg to leg. I was really supposed to hike a mountain with my mom who had never in her entire life climbed a mountain …"

The Reykjavik Educational Council Children’s Book Prize 2010 

Honor List


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